Urban Remedy Talk on the Horizon

Excited to announce that long time friend Sinead Corrigan and I will be heading a series of health talks with Bay Area super company Urban Remedy! First talk is on the books for April 14th from 2-4pm at Urban Remedy's Noe Valley location.

If you're not in the loop, Urban Remedy is a fast-growing, sustainably-driven source for healthy meals, juices, shakes and cleanses all pioneered by licensed acupuncturist Neka Pasquale. Since 2009, they've sought to treat and prevent chronic illness through delicious, accessible, and organic foods. They are on the grow with products showing up in Whole Foods across the country.

Sinead Corrigan is a superstar who - like myself - hails from the Southeast, has history of living in China and studying Mandarin, and has spent much of her twenties researching Traditional Chinese Medicine. Last weekend, we collaborated on an amazing yoga-qigong-acupuncture event at SF's Yoga Mayu where what I suspected was confirmed: Sinead possesses some high-powered, energetic wizardry which she manifests through effortless guided meditation and movement-based journeys. I was blown away and so happy to be a part of the magic.

You mean what this means, dear readers! Urban Remedy talks will nothing short of special. Get excited for more info to come!

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