Hello, Dolores Park!

Watch out, SF! There's a new healer in town!

That's correct - starting this month I will be offering my services within Dolores Park Chiropractic every Saturday.

This first month will be a bit of a 'soft opening' with sessions limited to the hours of 9am-1:30pm, but in the months to come, I'll have all day availability for massage therapy, acupuncture and events.

Additionally, I'm very excited promote my knowledge of nutrition and herbal medicine to treat a variety of digestive complaints. Such complaints include indigestion, gas, bloating, food allergies, dysbiosis, acid reflux, gut permeability, and more.

At this time, these conditions are best approached through an acupuncture appointment. In the future, I will be organizing classes and specific consultations to address these conditions more directly.

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