Conquering Concussions Talk on August 7th at 7pm

Very excited to share that I'll be hosting a talk on concussions and traumatic brain injuries at Left Coast Acupuncture on August 7th at 7pm.

As I describe on our Meetup group:

Part 1 in our series on brain health begins with a talk on concussions. This talk will highlight the latest research and understanding of how concussions (also known as traumatic brain injuries) often lead to long-term symptoms that effect the whole body.

If you or someone you know have been diagnosed with post-concussion syndrome, this talk will be a fantastic opportunity to discover new, natural therapies that may hasten recovery and minimize secondary symptoms.

Such therapies include:

• Neurofeedback

• Craniosacral Therapy

• Acupuncture

• Herbal Medicine

• Functional Medicine

• Functional Nutrition

For more information, visit the Meetup group for EastWest Approach by clicking this link.

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