Herbal Medicine

While herbal medicine has a rich tradition in the Western world as a folk medicine and home remedy, in China and other Asian countries herbal medicine is a systemized, academic healing art.  Libraries of texts have been written on the different health properties of individual herbs, herbs in combination, and the differences when used topically versus taken internally.  


Classic texts of Chinese herbal medicine also include complex diagnostic and prognostic systems.  These texts have been written and rewritten over the centuries to include new commentaries as the greatest doctors of the time share their clinical experience alongside the masters of old.

Today this tradition continues as modern science is able to use the latest technology to understand the curative effects of herbal medicine.  


Like with acupuncture, researchers find that herbal medicine offers health benefits that work on multiple systems at once, often improving circulation, immunity, and digestion with little to no side-effects.

Services and Pricing

Herbal medicine is often prescribed during acupuncture appointments.  

Herbal medicine / nutritional consultations will be available soon - stay tuned!